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Things You Need to Ask When Purchasing Gemstones

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Asking the best questions is the key to understanding exactly what you’re acquiring when it concerns buying gemstones. It is additionally the only way you could be certain what you are contrasting when considering gems from different jewellery experts. When buying jewellery, it’s important to make sure that your jeweller can answer any questions you may have or be able to obtain the answers for you. Once you’ve confirmed that, make sure to ask your jeweller to put the responses in writing on your receipt. Finally, it’s crucial to verify that the stone is as described. You can do this by having it examined by a certified gemologist appraiser. By taking these steps, you’ll have confidence in your purchase and begin to establish a strong relationship with your jeweller based on trust. And, if the stone isn’t as described, you’ll have the information you need to get a refund.


Concerns to ask when buying a diamond

When purchasing a diamond that is one carat or more, it is important to have specific information about it. However, getting such information for smaller stones might not be easy as most jewellers do not take the time to grade them accurately. An experienced jeweller should be able to provide quality information for stones from half a carat and above or offer to help you find them. Some labs now provide rating reports for diamonds from 0.47 carats and above.

Please keep in mind that it is not possible to grade placed diamonds accurately. Therefore, we recommend purchasing unmounted diamonds or buying diamonds that have been removed from their settings and later remounted if they weigh one carat or more. In the case of precious jewellery containing multiple small diamonds, the stones are usually assessed before they are set, and the details regarding their quality are mentioned on the sales tag. If the information is not available, it is difficult to determine the actual quality of the diamonds, and much can be hidden by the setting. We recommend buying such items only from a reputable jeweller who has adequate knowledge about diamonds.


Here are some essential questions to ask and information that should be included in the receipt of your diamond purchase:

1. What is the exact carat weight? Ensure that the weight of the stone is provided and not spread across multiple stones.

2. What is its colour grade? And which grading system was used?

3. What is its quality (clarity) grade? Again, ask which system was used.

4. What is the shape of the diamond – round, pear, marquise?

5. Is it well-cut for its shape? How would the “make” be graded: excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor?

6. What are the precise millimetre dimensions of the diamond?

7. Is this diamond accompanied by a diamond grading report or certificate? Request a complete report.


Make sure to find out the grading system used for the diamond and if GIA standards were applied.